Model No: SOL160-2CI

Automatic volume based, 160Lpm, 50mm connection

Puretec SOL160-2CI Commercial Water Softeners
The Puretec SOL160-2CI softens water by removing hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) also known as limescale.

Hardness, if uncontrolled, will cause scaling, eventually blocking plumbing and shortening the life of boilers, steam generators, hot water systems and urns, increasing energy use and costs.

The SOL160-2CI achieves the long life of the filter bed through regeneration using brine solution which is operated through a fully automatic volumetric control valve.

The SOL160-2CI can also be used to reduce manganese levels, in some cases. Please refer to Puretec for expert advice on your application.
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Features & Benefits

• Large capacity resin and brine tank.
• Complete system, just add salt.
• 50mm connections for larger flow rates.
• Weatherproof cover.
• Weatherproof transformer.
• Automatic volume based regeneration for optimised performance and salt use.


Ordering Code
2CI-Automatic Volume Based
Min/Max Flow Rate
160 - 190 Lpm
126,000 litres
2” Male BSP, 1” Drain
Min/Max Pressure
200 - 600 kPa
Operating Temperature
5 - 40°C (41 - 104°F)
Power Supply
230V AC / 50 Hz
Replacement Media
WTV7400 - Microswitch kit for 2CI models. PTE30 - Hardness test kit SS5000 - SoftenerSafe Media, 5 litres WTV7500 - Twin alternating valve for 2CI models WTV7550 - No water bypass during regen valve
1 Year^
Note: Capacities are based on a hardness of 100ppm. The flow rate while the filter backwashes, needs to be equal to the stated service flow to maintain proper backwash functionality, which is critical for optimum performance of filtration systems.
Chlorine (free Chlorine) tolerance is 0.5ppm - high chlorine levels permanently damage the softening resin & is not covered under warranty. If chlorine exceeds this limit, we recommend a carbon pre-filter such as the WH2 or CFS Series. Please refer to Puretec for a specific recommendation. In any case, a carbon pre-filter is recommended to protect against chlorine spikes & prolong the resin life.
^1 year replacement parts and labour.