FilterWall: The Market-leading Whole House Water Filter

Transform your water with a whole house filter for better drinking, skin, hair, and appliance protection with FILTERWALL™️. Discover the product range today.

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FilterWall™ F Series

Reap the benefits of a whole house water filter that not only transforms water for drinking but also benefits skin, hair, and protects appliances.

Scroll down to discover how FilterWall enhances your healthy living.

Filter wall whole house water filter provides Filtered Water From Every TapFilter wall protects your skin & hairFilter wall Extend The Life Of Your Appliances in your whole houseFilter wall Reduce The Need For Plastic Bottles

Filtered Water From Every Tap

Say hello to pure, refreshing water from every tap in your home with reduced chlorine by up to 98%. Improve hydration and experience the luxury of filtered water from any room, any tap, any time with Puretec’s best home water filter.

Healthier Skin & Hair

Experience happier skin, and wave your luscious locks with confidence. Decrease the chlorine in your shower and skincare routine and benefit from reduced eczema, psoriasis and dry hair with FilterWall™ water filter system for home.

Extend The Life Of Your Appliances

Reduce sediment build-up and pipe blockages before they begin for all your home appliances. Enjoy improved longevity and less frequent replacements.

Reduce The Need For Plastic Bottles

Reduce your need and the cost of bottled water, and help safeguard the environment with less plastic waste. Relish in the convenience of clean, filtered water straight from your tap with Puretec’s water filtration system.