Model No: PUREMIX-X7

37,500 litres capacity, 1 Micron, For Harsh Water

PureMix X7 High Flow Mixer Tap Filter System for Harsh Water
The PureMix X7 system is designed specifically for applications with higher sediment and harsher water quality such as rural supplies, areas with older pipe infrastructure and rainwater. With 4 levels of filtration, the PureMix X7 filters out sediment, rust and dirt down to 1 micron*. Bad taste, odour, chlorine and other chemicals leaving healthy, great tasting, clean, safe and pure water.
Price: $398.71Incl. GST*
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Features & Benefits

• Filters down to 1 micron*.
• Ionic silver-based antimicrobial carbon filtration media.
• New faster flowing system.
• Great tasting, healthy water on tap.
• Filters all the cold water for your water tap.
• No need for a separate filter tap.
• Quick-twist hygienic cartridge changes DIY.
• Reduces streaking on glassware.
• Quick and easy installation, ideal for stone bench tops. Mounts horizontally or vertically - no shelf cutouts required.
• Sediment, dirt, rust and other particles filtered down to 1 micron including Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.
• Taste, odour, chlorine and other chemicals are absorbed by the granular activated carbon technology.
• Scale and lime deposits are inhibited reducing build-up in appliances. Lead reduction - a harmful heavy metal.


Ordering Code
Replacement Cartridge(s)
Flow Rate
8 Lpm at 420 kPa
Min/Max Temperature
0° - 38°C
Min/Max Pressure
200 - 520 kPa
Micron Rating
1 micron*
37,500 Litres
½” BSP [15 mm]
10 years^
Important Note: Use only genuine Puretec replacement cartridge. ^10 year warranty is 1 year parts and labour, plus 9 years parts only. Excludes cartridges. *Micron Rating is nominal. *Please note, this product may not be suitable if you have concerns about bacteria such as E-Coli in your water. Contact us for a solution.