Model No: PTE80

Filter Change Monitor, 3/8"

Puretec PTE80 Water Filter Monitor
Monitoring filter life by water usage and/or elapsed time.

The PTE80 is a water filter monitor with an LCD display that monitors water usage and the operating time of the filter. The monitor is factory set to 30,000 Ltr and 180 days and the program values can be easily adjusted to the user's preference.

The Puretec PTE80 monitor combines a microprocessor and a paddle-wheel / turbine flow sensor to provide exact measurement and monitoring of the water flow rate and volume. The filter monitor can be used with water filters, coolers and any water dispenser to help end-users or service technicians measure water dispensed and monitor the filter life. This helps to ensure that the filter is functioning within the specified service life.
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Features & Benefits

• Programmable capacity: OFF, 500 - 99,500 Litres.
• Programmable time: OFF, 30 - 720 Days.
• Generates an audible alert when the filter needs replacing.
• Fitting kit to suit 1/4” tube, 3/8” Tube & 3/8" female BSP. 
• Three active displays showing; Capacity countdown (Litres), Live flow rate (Lt/min), Time countdown (Days).