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Eliminate Chlorine in your water

Are you noticing a bad smell or taste in your water? or even having skin irritation after the shower. Unfortunately, chlorine causes these issues. It is not uncommon to add the chlorine to the mains water supply by the water authorities, this is to eliminate a large variety of microbial waterborne pathogens and bacteria.

How do you remove Chlorine from your drinking water?

A high-quality carbon-based water filter can effectively remove the chlorine coming out from your kitchen tap or shower. There are a wide variety of filter products that include carbon, the most common kind of carbon used in Puretec filters is high-grade coconut carbon. These can be installed to your kitchen under sink or a bigger system called whole house filter system to purify the water entering your home.

Please check the water filter systems below that is suitable to your kitchen undersink, wholehouse or even portable filters. Puretec filter system gives you the confidence to drink safe water straight from your tap, no more going out to buy bottled water. Enjoy the benefits of safe & great tasting water.

Undersink Water Filter Systems

Chlorine-free, filtered water straight from your tap. Select your preferred products below:

Water Filter Kit
with Dedicated Tap

Compact, quick-change water filter with dedicated faucet with LED light turns from blue to red when the filter needs replacing.

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Inline Water Filter Systems
- Connect to any mixer tap

Transform your mixer tap into a filter tap - no need for a separate tap. Easy to install undersink filter system.

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3 Way Mixer Tap
with Water Filter Kits

The Puretec Z1 Tripla ‘mixer tap & filter’ package incorporates Quick Twist Filter with Tripla LED Mixer Tap , all-in-one system.

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Wholehouse Water Filter Systems

Enjoy purified water at every outlet in the house. Select your preferred products below:

Whole House
Dual Filter System

Affordable whole house systems that remove chlorine, bad taste and odour at every tap.

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Slimline Whole House
Dual Water Filter Systems

Your house is chlorine-free, providing safe, clean, healthy water throughout the house. It’s slim design is appropriate for use in tight spaces.

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Filtration and Ultraviolet
All in One Unit with Weather Cover

Designed for both mains and rainwater supply, this filter system is highly effective in removing chlorine & eliminating 99.99% bacteria in your water.

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Are you using different water source?

Contact our friendly water filter specialists. We’ll guide you through our product range and advise the most suitable water filter for your home or workplace.

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