Model No: SFS350-2CI

Auto Backwash, 350 L/min

Puretec SFS350-2CI Sediment Filtration System
The Puretec SFS-2CI Series sediment filtration system removes sediment, silt, sand and other particulate preventing the build-up of sludge in your pipe work, hot water systems and appliances. The system now incorporates new media that filters down to 3 micron.

Puretec SFS-2CI Series deliver a fully automatic and highly dependable control valve, which helps minimise energy and water waste. Features a fully automatic operation that provides a reliable design and simple programming for ease of use. This system effectively protects your system with little or no maintenance by automatically back washing the graded filter bed.

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Features & Benefits

• Reduce sediment, silt and suspended solids in high flow dirt applications.
• Filters sediment and particulate down to 3 micron.
• Complete system, no extra parts required.
• Automatic backwash – maintenance free.
• Stores system configuration and operation data in nonvolatile memory.
• Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings.
• Front panel display for time of day, days until next regeneration.
• 2” connections for minimum pressure loss.
• Weather resistant cover for controller.
• Weatherproof transformer.


Ordering Code
Automatic 2CI
Maximum Suspended Solids
500 mg/L
Flow Rate
350 Lpm
Maximum Flow Rate
430 Lpm
2” Male BSPT, 1½” Drain
Min/Max Pressure
200 - 690 kPa
Operating Temperature
4 - 43°C (40 - 110°F)
Power Supply
230V AC / 50 Hz
1 year^
Replacement Media Kits
WTV5092 - Differential pressure switch for load based backwashing.
WTV7500 - Alternating valve for 2 system / clean water to backwash.
WTV7550 - No Bypass valve to isolate the system during regeneration.
WTV7210 - Flow meter for volume based backwash.
WTV7400 - Microswitch kit for 2CI models
Operating Conditions: 1. Not recommended for colloidal particles. 2. Water turbidity and particle size will affect recommended flow rate. 3. The flow rate while the filter backwashes, needs to be equal to the stated service flow to maintain proper backwash functionality, which is critical for optimum performance of filtration systems. 4. Operating pressure 200 - 690 kPa, pressure loss 100 kPa.