Model No: IAB32

Auto backwash, 110Lpm, 32mm connection

Puretec IAB32 Intelligent Auto Backwash Water Filter System
Impurities such as sand, rust flakes, lime deposits and coarse material can damage the water distribution line and household / office appliances (pipes, valves, mixers, faucets, washing machines, etc.). The installation of a protection filter is the most simple and efficient option to avoid such problems. Puretec IAB is an automatic self-cleaning filter, robust and compact, with brushing system for the cleaning of the cartridge and discharge valve for dirt.
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Features & Benefits

• Manual override to backwash on demand at any time.
• Stainless steel net filtering surface is resistant to mechanical shock and pressure gradients.
• Cleaning brushes to dislodge sediment from the screen during the backwash cycle. 
• Simple initial set up.
• Set and forget cycles. 
• Brass head means it’s tough and resistant to mechanical shear stresses. 
• Heavy duty discharge valve. 
• Standard 89um screen. 
• 2 dry contacts. 
• Compatible with WTV5092 differential switch.


Ordering Code
Micron Rating
Flow Rate
110 Lpm
Min/Max Pressure
150 - 1,000 kPa
Min/Max Water Temperature
0 - 30°C (32 - 86°F) Protect from freezing
Min/Max Ambient Temperature
0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F) Protect from freezing
Power Supply
230V / 50 Hz
1 year^
*Micron rating is nominal. ^1 year warranty is parts and labour.